Āyurveda: Holistic Medicine For Optimal Health


The pursuit of optimal health can open many doors. Good health allows you to fulfill your goals in life, maintain responsibilities, and perform productive work. Optimal health gives you the ability to earn a living, enjoy life, and grow as an individual.

According to Āyurveda, the pursuit of optimal health is central to life and living well; optimal health helps you fulfill your life goals.

Āyurveda is a Sanskrit word which translates to ‘science of life’ or ‘science of living’. It is a holistic medical science from India which explains how to live well. Its healing practices allow you to experience a full, complete life, to the best of your abilities, free from discomfort and disease.

What is Āyurveda?

Āyurveda or Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine is a holistic medical system that uses natural methods such as optimal diet, body therapies, and pañchakarma to establish and maintain optimal health.

Ayurveda explains what is healthy and unhealthy for a given person and provides methods for measuring all of the factors that influence health. When you are healthy, Āyurvedic medicine can be applied preventatively to protect and maintain your health.

Āyurvedic medicine may help reverse the course of some progressive, chronic diseases. When you are sick or unwell, Ayurvedic medicine can alleviate discomfort and symptoms of disease, and it may reverse some of the physiological processes that underlie a variety of different chronic diseases.

Āyurveda was established thousands of years ago in the area of modern-day India. It is considered the longest continuously practiced medical system known.

How is Āyurveda Practiced?

Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine is personalized to each patient. At MD Ayurveda, you will meet with both a Board-Certified medical physician and an experienced Ayurvedic specialist or vaidyaA vaidya is a qualified Ayurvedic health care provider that applies Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine for the prevention and management of health. Vaidyas include individuals who hold the 5.5 year Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery degree. to understand your baseline state of health and how that baseline relates to your current state of health. Knowing your baseline state of health (or “constitution” or prakruti–and hyperlink prakruti) will help us and help you know what to do to help you restore balance and optimize your health.

Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine includes diet and lifestyle adjustments, mind-body practices such as yoga, judicious use of Ayurvedic formulations, and periodic panchakarma treatments to unroot and remove impurities that accumulate in the body over time.

MD Ayurveda will help you optimize your health by using both Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine approaches and the knowledge, tools, and approaches of modern Western medicine.

What is the History of Āyurveda?

Ancient texts written in Sanskrit describe the laws of nature and their influence on the human condition. The authors of these ancient texts were astute observers of natural phenomena. The authors were remarkably insightful, knowledgeable, and foresightful. These texts demonstrate the depth and refinement of the practice of Āyurveda . They discuss and give guidance for disease management, childbirth, diabetes, respiratory diseases, digestive diseases and much more. Today, these texts continue to inform our understanding of health and disease, and the continue to guide modern clinical practice.

Education in Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine includes in-depth study of these historical medical texts, along with western anatomy and physiology, Āyurvedic pathology, disease management, causes of and treatments for disease, herbal and medical formulations, and panchakarma.

Why Might You Choose MD Āyurveda?

1. MD Āyurveda combines Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine with modern Western medicine

MD Āyurveda draws on the wisdom, holistic perspectives, and therapeutic interventions of Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine as well as the diagnostic and therapeutic tools of modern Western medicine

2. MD Āyurveda can legally, appropriately, and explicitly apply Traditional Ayurvedic Approach to the treatment, management, and/or prevention of diseases and medical conditions.

MD Āyurveda is a medical practice and Remy Coeytaux, MD, PhD is a licensed physician. MD Āyurveda is one of the few medical practices in the U.S. that offers essentially full-scope Ayurvedic clinical services.

3. MD Āyurveda offers residential panchakarma programs

MD Āyurveda offers physician-supervised 3-day and 14-day panchakarma programs to safely and effectively cleanse your body. Panchakarma uses manual therapies, Āyurvedic formulations, mind-body practices, and appropriate foods to help your body release and eliminate impurities. Panchakarma treatments at MD Āyurveda are guided by Jessica Vellela, BAMS and supervised by Remy Coeytaux, MD, PhD.

4. Your prescription medications may need to change during and/or after a panchakarma treatment.

Dr. Coeytaux will closely monitor your health during your panchakarma treatment. He will order and interpret laboratory test results as indicated. He will adjust your prescription medications as indicated during the time that you are undergoing a panchakarma treatment.

5. Āyurveda is personalized to your life and needs

MD Āyurveda incorporates Āyurveda approaches into your health care plan. Dr. Coeytaux is a family physician who appreciates the importance of good coordination of care. Dr. Coeytaux will communicate with other members of your health care team (to whatever extent you desire) during the time that you are undergoing a panchakarma treatment. Dr. Coeytaux will help you and the other members of your health care team incorporate the knowledge, insights, and skills that you acquire during your panchakarma treatment into your life and medical care after you complete your panchakarma treatment.

6. Āyurveda teaches you what’s best and healthy for you.

Āyurveda teaches you what works and what doesn’t work for your current state of health. You gain insight into yourself and your individual nature. You learn how to care for yourself more completely. Once you know and experience good health, making the right choices is easy, and happiness is more easily attained. Happiness is found in good health.

How Can You Get Healthy with Āyurveda?

If you want to include holistic therapies in your medical care, it’s important to find the right guidance to be effective. The right guidance coupled with a commitment to make the necessary changes is all you really need to get healthy with Āyurveda.

At MD Ayurveda, we utilize the tools and techniques of conventional medicine along with Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine to determine your best route to optimal health.

Optimal health means good living and we’re here to teach you that, every step of the way.

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