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MD Ayurveda offers a modern, collaborative approach to pañchakarma. Our programs are overseen by both a western medical doctor (Remy Coeytaux, MD, PhD) and an Āyurvedic specialist or vaidyaA vaidya is a qualified Ayurvedic health care provider that applies Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine for the prevention and management of health. Vaidyas include individuals who hold the 5.5 year Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery degree. (Jessica Vellela, BAMS).

This unique collaboration provides new opportunities for care including management of medications, diagnostic testing and post-pañchakarma follow-ups with your doctor once you return home.

Pañchakarma Program Options

MD Ayurveda follows the traditional pañchakarma format used in Traditional Āyurvedic Medicine (TAM) for all pañchakarma programs. Under the supervision of family medicine doctor Remy Coeytaux, MD, PhD, and the guidance of an India-trained Āyurvedic specialist, your pañchakarma program is a classical sodhana which means we cleanse your body of morbid impurities or dosha in a controlled and safe format.

Pañchakarma programs are offered in 7, 14, 21 or 28 day increments, depending on your preference and your medical condition. Use the following information to determine which option may be best for you.

7 Day Programs
A 7-day program is the minimum requirement for pañchakarma and may be suitable if you have undergone a traditional pañchakarma program previously. It also may be sufficient to noticeably improve your health and sense of wellbeing if you are not looking to make a significant, long-lasting impact on a chronic condition.

14 Day Programs
If this is your first pañchakarma experience, we encourage you to choose the 14-day program if you have a chronic medical condition such as Type 2 Diabetes, an auto-immune disorder, or chronic pain. Fourteen days will be a sufficient period of time to fully and satisfactorily begin the process of changing the physiological structures that underlie many chronic medical conditions.

21 and 28 Day Programs
A program lasting 21 or 28 days may be selected based on the chronicity of your condition(s) and the complexity of your state of health. Programs of this length of stay allow extended care with consultations from our providers, daily body therapies and a supportive diet of restricted but tasty, health-affirming meals.

Pañchakarma Program Services

Pañchakarma programs at MD Ayurveda offer the following all-inclusive services during the course of your stay.

These additional services may be recommended and will be billed separately: Āyurvedic formulations, additional body therapies, diagnostic tests.

Your Daily Pañchakarma Schedule

Your pañchakarma team will attend to all aspects of your residential treatment program. Programs begin on Sunday evenings with an in-person overview with Dr. Coeytaux, the Āyurvedic specialist VaidyaA vaidya is a qualified Ayurvedic health care provider that applies Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine for the prevention and management of health. Vaidyas include individuals who hold the 5.5 year Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery degree. Jessica Vellela, BAMS, and other pañchakarma guests.

The next day, Dr. Coeytaux and Jessica will meet with you individually for a comprehensive medical evaluation and consultation as well as a comprehensive Āyurvedic consultation. These two consultations will help your team of pañchakarma clinicians develop your personalized treatment plan.

A typical day of pañchakarma will look like this.

  • Wake naturally with the sunrise
  • Enjoy your first body therapy of the day, such as an oil massage
  • Eat a detoxifying Āyurvedic lunch personalized to your unique needs
  • Walk gently in nature or sit and meditate
  • Rest, as needed
  • Undergo another afternoon treatment, such as facial massage and oil application to the nostrils
  • Consume a light Āyurvedic dinner personalized to your unique needs
  • Rest, read or journal and head to bed

Follow-Up Care After Your Program Ends

With your permission, Dr. Coeytaux will communicate with your primary care physician or other members of your usual healthcare team during your pañchakarma experience and for a defined period of time after you return to your home.

With your and your other physicians’ permission, Dr. Coeytaux may suggest changes to your prescribed medications. Dr. Coeytaux is a licensed physician who can prescribe medications and order and interpret diagnostic tests.

Dr. Coeytaux will assume responsibility for your medical care during your pañchakarma experience and will help coordinate your medical care after you return home. Dr. Coeytaux will not serve as your primary care physician, however.

If you are already under the care of an Āyurveda provider, our Āyurvedic specialist will communicate with your Āyurveda provider prior to, during, and after your pañchakarma experience to ensure optimal continuity of Āyurveda care.

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