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Explore these frequently asked questions for answers to many of your pañchakarma questions.

Program Questions

Program Schedule

Pañchakarma programs begin on Sunday evening. Lengths of stay run in weekly increments and will be determined by the overseeing Āyurvedic specialist or vaidyaA vaidya is a qualified Ayurvedic health care provider that applies Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine for the prevention and management of health. Vaidyas include individuals who hold the 5.5 year Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery degree. and the medical doctor according to your condition and availability. Programs end on Sunday morning.

Preparing For Pañchakarma

Pañchakarma requires a dedicated commitment. Āyurvedic formulations and modifications to your normal diet and lifestyle may be advised for one week to several months prior to your pañchakarma. Please ensure that after scheduling your pañchakarma week(s), you follow the personalized guidelines that your pañchakarma team will provide you. This will create the best possible experience and outcome.


Pañchakarma is contraindicated during menstruation. If menstruation begins during the course of your pañchakarma, the process will be stopped and modified. Please ensure pañchakarma is scheduled outside of your normal menstrual cycle.

Yoga & Exercise

You may enjoy simple stretches and very gentle sun salutations during some stages of your pañchakarma experience. Short walks indoors after meals are recommended. Power yoga, ashtanga yoga and exercise is forbidden during this time.

Location & Transporation Questions

Getting Here

If you are flying in for pañchakarma, Santa Rosa Airport is most convenient for air travel to and from our clinic. Shuttles to and from Santa Rosa Airport are available on Sundays. Depending on traffic conditions, we are located approximately one to two hours away by car from San Francisco and Sacramento. Transportation options will be discussed when you call to schedule your pañchakarma experience.

Climate + Weather

“Wine Country” in Northern California has a pleasantly mild, Mediterranean climate. Humidity is usually low except when the fog rolls in from the Bay Area. The summer months extend well into September and are warm and dry with plentiful sunshine throughout the day and cooler nightly temperatures. The average temperature ranges from 65-85°F during the day and 40-50°F at night year-round. Even when daytime temperatures exceed 100°F in the summer it can be pleasant in the shade. The beautiful, Spanish moss-covered oak trees are pleasant places for rest. Dress in layers so that you are comfortable during the warm days and cool nights.

Nearby Shopping

During pañchakarma it will be important to focus on rest and follow the guidelines for the course of treatment. If you have needs that arise, please let someone know and we will be happy to assist you.

If you are arriving in Sebastopol prior to your pañchakarma, there are a variety of restaurants and markets in the surrounding areas to suit your needs. A variety of lodging and shopping opportunities for grocery, boutique, hardware and gift items.

Accommodations + Amenities


All-expenses included, our pañchakarma lodging facility offers a conducive environment for an optimal experience. Frequent interaction with your pañchakarma team ensures that your pañchakarma process follows the proper course of action. We will provide you with meals, Āyurvedic formulations, appointment reminders and transportation to and from your scheduled appointments.

What To Bring

You may experience lower than usual energy levels during pañchakarma. Exercise during this time is not advised. Please bring light reading, a journal and simple crafts to occupy your free time. Laptops and other electronic devices are allowed but it is encouraged to minimize screen time. Ensure you bring casual, comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting oil on, as well as warm layers, slippers for indoor use and warm socks. You may also like a hat to keep your head warm.


Pañchakarma requires a personalized diet. Depending on your personal needs and the stage of your treatment, you may receive rice kanjee – a cooked rice soup, mung bean dal, meat soup, broth, cooked vegetables, beans and grains. Your diet will be closely monitored throughout the course of your treatment. Please let us know if you have any allergies, special diets or food intolerances. 

During pañchakarma, meals are inclusive and will be served at the same time each day. Eating foods that are not part of your personalized pañchakarma treatment could create complications or hamper the effectiveness of your treatment. If you need assistance with any aspect of your experience, please let someone know. We will be happy to provide assistance.

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